16-year-old kid built his dream video game by his struggle

David Eisman
David Eisman

A 16-year-old high school boy who love the programming make his own video game named  “Pixelman” Yes meet the Productions founder of Pixelman  David Eisman.

As we know that our IT students has a lot of passion in it and want to do something like the other one also like this guy .As this guy make a little efforts by his will and make a good and beautiful  game in the age of 16 – its a just an awesome guy.

David Eisman in working lab
David Eisman in working lab

As  David  like the other kids who work hard and have do something good have good knowledge of c# and he struggle hard .He also want internship in video games but as he say “no one can hire me”. So without stooping and that point he move forward and make a awesome things like that.

As the all dads that keep his child to the good work David dad’s also appreciate to do that work by heart. And keeping this in mind today he has his own company bu his games names and know making  awesome games and new other games.

David Eisman and Dylan Steck
David Eisman and Dylan Steck

During his work on the game  “Pixelman” he also  make good friends and hire other talented guy form Pakistan and from other countries he hire tow  programmers an artists a  writer how make the story , a marketing team from Poland and two other guys for the music composing.

As we see that David is like the other student who love programming.So my advice to all the students who work in any field of life “just keep moving forward” .Thanks


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