Is Steve Jobs not the inventor of the iPhone

Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs.

We know  very well about the Steve Jobs yes he is the inventor of fine and awesome technology that we are using much more a like the other phone.But recently US government stated that he is not the inventor of iphone.

Recently Democratic National Convention Platform Hearing 2016 House minority leader Nancy Pelosi says abut that things while holding a smart iPhone in  his left hand and say “this iPhone contain all the things of Federal Investments and research papers ”

As we know that US Government is much ahead in technology in the world she says in a very common way that “In this iPhone all the features like Voice recognition system , GPS system , flat screens  etc  are all the government ideas and made by the Us Government  ”

Miss Nancy Pelosi
Miss Nancy Pelosi

But later she stated that Steve Jobs.with a great mind make  a good design idea about the iPhone make it better in design but the US government take funding and make this iPhone not by the Steve Jobs.

In her speech she says that  she said. “The purpose of the information graphic was to illustrate the importance and measurements  of federally funded for the  basic research and facilitated through the different technology,and due to these of this we make a good machine by   integrating  some awesome parts  into the iPhone.”

“The late Steve Jobs and the group at Apple that made the iPhone would be the first to let you know that they didn’t create a significant number of its center advances we now underestimate,” he said. “Pioneer

Pelosi considered Steve Jobs companion and intended no lack of regard to his legacy, yet the point she was making is a substantial one. Pioneer
Pelosi trusts that Steve Jobs and his partners at Apple, merit tremendous credit for taking government ally sponsored advancements off the rack, refining them, commercializing them and transforming them into a wonderful gadget that changed the world.”

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