Jumping cockroach robot

The JumpRoACH
The JumpRoACH

As our science  and technology make a lot of things that blow our mind like that meet the “The JumpRoACH”    the tiny reboots that fly like a cockroach and also jump like that.As like the other mini scale robot he is also the featured from all other mini creatures robots of having jumping and have good acceleration of ruining and climbing and jumping.

Their are some features of The JumpRoACH like

  • 5.24 ft high jump
  • After landing on land  it assemble its parts and then stand  again
  • if landing on feet fail it make a mechnism that stand on its feet again.

Over the years their are number of robots developed by the scientists and their team members like this cockroach including the speedy VelociRoACh robot, the
DASH robot that can hang upside down like the monkey and the CRAM robot that can compact its body and still move at high speeds in a very accurate way.
These are all the robots developed at the University of

 JumpRoACH jumping
JumpRoACH jumping

As the other animal like the cat jump and land on the ground on its feet but the JumpRoACH is not like that and was creating a problem of landing
so the team make a DC motor on its shell that make a whole parts of exterior side again to land it very safely and quickly and in right way.

For presenting their work the team members give to their research at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Stockholm.
They also reveal the papers to read by the others
Here is the video


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