Mammoth of 40,000-Year-Old Autopsy

Mammoth teeth

Scientists and students of the team from the Siberian Northeastern Federal University in May 2013 found the rotten and tusks of the Giant Elephant in Maly Lyakhovsky Island in northern Siberia.
The team of the researchers came that place and found out the Mammoth body that preserved in Cold Ice called (permafrost).

Mammoth teeth
Mammoth teeth

Mammoth experts and doctors team performed autopsy on this Giant animal and find out the whole information though this,As the get the close
detail of his life and also the cause of the death.
The have the hope to cloned that animal as they found the fresh cold blood while moving the whole body.
While on working on the place they find out all the body parts of the animal intact and wonder to see all the things and one of the scientist take a piece of it and start research on it.

Mammoth Body part

Siberian Doctors realized that what they found and with these they found out the team of doctors and make a three days operations on it ,Finally
they found out that the mammoth lived and died about 40,000 years ago in his time.
Also with this they found the souse of death and revel that the mammoth attack and eaten alive by wolves and other predators while in saving his life.

During Conducting the autopsy the collect the some amount of blood which is not longer exit live but has contains the oxygen-ferrying molecule hemoglobin.

Mammoth Cold Blood Sample

As the whole body blood circulate from the head to the foot mammoth has special kind of the hemoglobin that still worked in freezing and cold environment blood temperatures.


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