Noise-canceling wireless headphone O Really

As we are all enjoy music and videos on internet and also use headphone that make an enjoyment for us but if we use headphone and also face the problem of  noise  and disturbance so don’t wory about that here is the Bose product for you ,for which we are waiting.This is the awesome product design by the Bose Company in United State.Know this product is for sale .

The amount is At $350 or £290 and have the discount in recent month so we can also purchase this wonderful product   tell know.

QC35 Headphone
QC35 Headphone
QC35 Headphone
QC35 Headphone

This headphone QC35 also has the powerful noise repletion  that make it more secure from the nice and external sound ,it also lightweight like the other Bose headphone products.Both The ear cusps contain the microphone has the same equal sound with the noise  detection.Has also the balancing system that make balance at the lower and higher volume.

As the used for the advanced wireless hand set it is also available in two colors which are black and silver and also with Bose free Connect app for iOS and Android devices.

QuietComfort 35
QuietComfort 35 interior parts
QuietComfort 35
QuietComfort 35 with WiFi

Functionality in QuietComfort 35 Headphone

  • Price: $350
  • Wireless
  • have Bluetooth facility
  • Battery life of  20 hours
  • Can be used as a wired headphone also with the case

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