How much Coke be dangerous See Some practical Uses of coke


We Know very well about Coca_Cola is the most famous brand Moreover ,the coke has a good brand but have serious damage to health  and for other things but still people are using this brand has
it is most using know a days.

But in latest story news and through researches it has been conformed that about 44% of the people has the higher danger of facing the problem of
metabolic disorder.

But if a person have one pop a day to drink can have:
1_   31% is more serious as by this people get fat and overwieght.
2_   30% of have bigger waistline which have face by both women and men both.
3_   25 % danger of growing high blood pressure it is more serious as who take 5 pops a day …O my god    please don’t do this
4_   But it crate 32% of low level good Cholesterol
5_    It may cause hypertension,prompt respiratory issues as COPD and Asthma also ..

About 44% of the world population as serious and more serious heart assault because of haveing more then one drink of coke a day .
As we know after a discussion people still enjoying .AS I’m Not here to degrade the Coke Product but some how it could be best and be more best for the people if it process by new way and make it simple for people. If We scaling the Ph Level which is the basis of finding of acid level and other basis level substances
Diet Coke 3.28
Coca-Cola 2.52

Here are the 10 factors that can demonstrate that coke is not useful for the general world population.
1_  Some body and worker used coke as evacuate rust as it has the capacity of do it.
2_  It can force blood stains.
3_  It can be used to clean oil marks on the floor so women in her home can used it.
4_  Clean burnt container very nicely.
5_  Clean Machinery as Motor ,The coke user use this very well.
6_  O Yes we can Clean and Make bright of our pennies.
7_  We can used it for cleaning latrine and dishes, as after pouring we can washed it by water.
8_  It can stop paint off metal furniture.just make towel coke and put it on paint.

Coke has loot of usage and make life better life with drings and and usng in cleaning things


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