Now LinkedIn in hand of Microsoft



Microsoft is now buying another thing which is LinkedIn for just over $26bn and he pay £18bn in cash to the LinkedIn.
The software team will pay $196 price of its of a share and with a premium of almost 50% to Friday’s closing share price.

Microsoft is now boosting by purchasing new products and increase business and he deals with LinkedIn for business and for  software.
On this LinkedIn will return to Microsoft “some of their brands ” culture and independence

After this their are more then 430 million members through worldwide will have single professional social network
according to the Ben Wood that was the head of research at CCS.

As we already now that Microsoft as their assets like the Office 365, Exchange and Outlook and other assesses. Now its time to see how the
company will run by this new integration and will make progress in future.
Chief executive of Microsoft named Satya Nadella said: “By connecting the world’s professionals team members they make a fantastic business with all over the world”.

Microsoft can know accelerate the new business of LinkedIn and make a growth together with their products.
Lets think how people will get skills and make appropriate job by this we can make these.

After the deal was announced About $193.70 was earned by the LinkedIn morning trading in New York.But the
shares was fallen in this year is about 40% by this business.

By this new and combined business will give incredible opportunity for our members and customers
and look forward to supporting .”

LinkedIn can offering users more messaging options and he is doing now and, mobile apps to grow his business.

Last year, the site face less frequent and “more relevant” messages after by the numerous user complaints and helps.

In 2011 as Microsoft, which paid $8.5bn for Skype and then in in 2013 get another business like Nokia’s mobile phone for $7.2bn.

And in 2018 it is expected the deal to generate annual savings of $150m by this business.


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