68-year-old student


Education is the key right of every human including men and women in our culture students get education and then get job for earning but education never finished whole the life.

Durga Kami
Durga Kami with his friend to bus school

Meet the oldest student on this planet name Durga Kami who is studying and become the oldest student in Nepal in the age of 68.As in childhood by
some reasons he cannot continue his study and never finished his study as a child.Know he is on the mission to complete his study and become a good teacher.

Durga Kami
Durga Kami

As the Mr.kami is walking by stick but have the brave mind and make your long school journey with students in a bus every day.

He studied with other students in between 14 to 15 years old student as in Nepal school system is in the 10th grade and then up-to 11 in college.

Durga Kami hand Writing
Durga Kami Hand Wrinting


As one of the teacher in the school said that This is my first experience to teach a person who is as senior as my father’s age,

His Classmates called Mr.Kami ‘Baa’ which is ‘father’ in Nepali as in Nepal younger respect his older a lot.

Durga Kami with school fellows
Durga Kami with school fellows

As Mr.Kami is facing a lot of trouble in life after his wife death.As talking with one of the journalist named Navesh Chitrakar,that to forget about that
i join the school again to complete his study.

Durga Kami
Durga Kami

As the Navesh Chitrakar say that i never see like that man before as he study at night in torchlight and hardly eat meal a day in one time because
he cannot afford it he thought that education can finished poverty in our society i never see this kind of motivational person in Nepal.

Durga Kami
Durga Kami

Know he forget his all sorrows and enjoy study as like other student.he also play games like volleyball and other games and take part in other school activities.
Without age obstacles and ignore this he is on the way like other how love study so my advice to every one to study hard and make a name in society and never give up .just keep going.


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