It’s the longest day of the year 2016

summer solstice:
summer solstice:

summer solstice:
Every year we have a day or couple of days called summer solstice days which are the longest day of the year.The day in which some countries
enjoy a lot about 17 hours of daylight. but some facing problems of very hot day.

It is good news of those how live in northern hemisphere and at this point sun’s paths stops and slowly moving and day become shorten and shorten.
So in northern hemisphere it is in between June 20 and 22.The sun rose today on Monday, at June 20 at 4.45am and sunset at 10.34pm.
In the UK Winter solstice are on December 20 and 22.So Form these days, the days will get more shorter but between these we cannot notice on the day is long or short and know in December short day is also coming.

If we know the meaning of the ‘solstice’ then we know the how much the day will be hot in those countries which are on the peak of the earth. So keep stay at home and get cool towel on the head at sleep now and if you are in the mode of enjoyment then go to near pool with friends.

At this moment Astrologers say that “sun is still standing here but actually not” before moving to the reverse direction.

Another news is at this day we find ‘strawberry’ moon in UK so get ready to take pics of the moon.
At was happening in 1967 at till now 17 hours of sunlight will be flash and give bright day.The moon will not so white or red but have another color which is
warm amber or of strawberry color.

Here is the some description about different solstice:

June 20 -22 Summer Solstice
September 22-23 Autumnal
December 21-22 Winter Solstice
March 20 -21 Vernal Equinox


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