privacy policy

hitdalike is a fun based website where the users can find lot different fun stuff and news all over the world.The information we get from the users are only for the purpose of communication and for the sharing a lot of thing ,and ideas so that we can make our site best for the user and readers.

Our Privacy Policy explains some of the things:

  • What kind of the information we collect and why ?
  • how we use this information.
  • have genuine and relative data.

What kind of the information we collect and why ?

By the user we demand only the user name and email address for the future use only in case of communication and also for the asking that how the like our post and news in our blog and make a true result on it,user also comment to share their ideas and thoughts.

For Example  we get the information by the user to allow to comment on our post and they login with gmail account and give email and name.

how we use this information.

we often use cookies to improve our functionality and usage of the of the information